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With supportive tools and educational materials, Epidiolex Engage is designed to help your patients with TSC, LGS, and Dravet syndrome.

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EPIDIOLEX is available to be purchased through long-term care pharmacies. A long-term care pharmacy should contact LTC.support@jazzpharma.com for information.


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Area Reimbursement Managers (ARMs) can provide regional, patient-specific support and have expertise that can help minimize access and reimbursement barriers related to EPIDIOLEX for patients



You must submit your patient’s prescription and a completed Epidiolex Engage start form to any in-network specialty pharmacy.

Epidiolex Engage Start Form

Epidiolex Engage Start Form

This form is necessary for specialty pharmacies to determine if they are within the payer’s preferred network for prescription fulfillment. If they are not, the prescription will be transferred to an Epidiolex Engage authorized specialty pharmacy in the payer’s network.

The form will also be necessary to establish the reimbursement status of EPIDIOLEX based on the patient’s insurance coverage.

If you do not know a preferred, authorized specialty pharmacy for your patient’s plan, you can find a specialty pharmacy using the link below or fax the start form and prescription to Epidiolex Engage.


Depending on your state’s e-prescribing rules, the supporting prescription may be electronically transmitted or faxed.

Prescriptions should include EPIDIOLEX by name to avoid rejection, as certain health plans and institutions may have policies regarding cannabis products/use that have not been updated since FDA approval of EPIDIOLEX.

Need help determining your patient’s appropriate dosage?


Once the prescription and start form have been received and approved by an Epidiolex Engage authorized specialty pharmacy, the pharmacy will be responsible for filling the prescription and contacting the patient directly to arrange shipment.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals has partnered with CoverMyMeds® to help patients connect with their treatment by:

  • Helping to reduce time to therapy with online PA requests
  • Receiving faster PA determinations, and often in real time
  • Customized appeals support, which includes the appeals letter initiated by their HCP and payer follow-up
  • Automatically renewing previously submitted PA requests

To get started:

  1. Sign up for a no-cost account, or log in to your existing account at covermymeds.com.
  2. Initiate or respond to an electronic PA request in the CoverMyMeds system.
  3. Complete requested clinical details and then electronically submit the request to the plan for determination.

Connect with CoverMyMeds support from Monday-Friday
8:00 AM – 11:00 PM ET,
Saturday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM ET.
CoverMyMeds Support: 1-866-452-5017
Live chat at covermymeds.com.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals provides resources designed to help patients, providers, and office staff navigate the complexities of the managed care landscape to obtain EPIDIOLEX

  • Benefits verification
  • Prior authorization and appeals support
  • Patient affordability programs
  • Hospital to Home Program
  • Determination of payer’s preferred specialty pharmacy provider (SPP)
  • Referral to the payer’s preferred SPP within the EPIDIOLEX pharmacy network

To get started, call 1-833-GBNGAGE (1-833-426-4243) Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM ET or visit Epidiolex Engage.

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