*Partial-onset seizures (focal) included simple partial seizures (focal motor seizure), complex partial seizures (focal impaired), and secondary generalized tonic-clonic seizures (focal to bilateral tonic-clonic).1,7

The only medication indicated to treat seizures associated with TSC, LGS, and Dravet syndrome in patients 1 year and older1

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Structurally distinct from other AEDs1

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Can be prescribed in adults and children as early as 1 year of age across 3 indications1

Bobby, age 41 | EPIDIOLEX patient living with Dravet syndrome

Bobby, age 41 | EPIDIOLEX patient living with Dravet syndrome

The first and only FDA-approved cannabidiol

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Quality standards for stability and consistency1

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Highly controlled manufacturing8

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No longer a federally scheduled drug1

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Eligible for insurance coverage

Contaminant-free plants

Derived from pesticide- and contaminant-free plants8

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Efficacy, safety, and dosing established across multiple controlled studies8

More patients like yours are discovering seizure reductions with EPIDIOLEX

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Within 1 year on market, EPIDIOLEX was prescribed to more than 15,000 patients by over 3000 prescribers in the United States—a number that only continues to grow9

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EPIDIOLEX was studied in over 900 patients with LGS, Dravet syndrome, or TSC—making up the largest controlled clinical trial program for an AED in these conditions to date1,8,10,11†

There was a second randomized controlled trial in 199 patients with Dravet syndrome that has been completed since its original approval.10

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Designed with your patients in mind, EPIDIOLEX offers flexible dosing for tolerability and response optimization1

See Flexible Dosing

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